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Improved Farmland

We own and manage Improved Farmland in Hendry County and engage in farming the land and leasing some of the acreage to others to farm. Improved Farmland totals approximately 8,100 gross acres.

Irrigated and Permitted and Undeveloped

Our Improved Farmland includes approximately 1,800 gross acres of irrigated farmland currently used for farm leasing and other purposes and approximately 6,300 gross acres of permitted but undeveloped acres (acres that are permitted for farming but that have not yet been cleared, leveled and irrigated for commercial farming).

Sugarcane Land

On November 21, 2014, Alico completed the sale of approximately 36,000 gross acres of land located in Henry County, Florida used for sugarcane production. As a result of the disposition of our sugarcane land, we are no longer involved in sugarcane operations and, as of November 21, 2014 the Improved Farmland segment was no longer material to our business.