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In the 1800's, the American experience, for many, came to life when the railroads opened up a nation, linking people and products north, south, east and west, to power an economy ready to go global.

For many in America's southeast, it meant the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, now part of the CSX system, that weathered wars, depressions and catastrophic acts of nature and put Florida on the map.

From this heritage, a new enterprise was born at the turn of the 20th Century - The Atlantic Land and Improvement Company - setting in motion an economic surge in citrus and cattle, sugarcane and forestry, oil exploration and water management.

Operating at first out of a historic Florida courthouse, the Atlantic Land Improvement Company was soon creating waves of change in a land abundant in resource but limited in direction.

Sound management and vision from the parent company provided that direction, and in 1960, a new company was born from properties spun off by Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and its subsidiary, The Atlantic Land and Improvement Company.

The new Alico Land Development Company was founded as a public company decidedly invested in the promise of private enterprise. In 1974, the company shortened its name to what it remains today: Alico, Inc.

Alico's fortunes grew - led by a future Hall of Fame citrus pioneer and businessman, Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. who at one point was listed by Forbes as one of America's richest. Although lands were originally acquired to produce timber for the railroads, the operation quickly diversified into:

Cattle. Citrus. Sugarcane. Sod. Mining.

This led to expansion of holdings, record citrus harvests, and a new strategic imperative to evaluate assets and opportunity on the basis of best and highest use.

Today, Alico is an American agribusiness leader, known for its expertise in citrus, conservation and rural-based commodities.

Today, Alico, more than ever, is looking to expand its reach and deepen its edge by:

  • Optimizing yield through management and innovation.
  • Minimizing risk with enhanced economic forecasting.
  • Focusing on conservation to promote good citizenship and long-term community support.

Alico's management team is dedicated to superior results through research, innovation and operational efficiency.

Alico is an American legacy... built for today's world.

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