Welcoming New Talent-Alex Chamorro

My name is Alex Chamorro and I love to dig into challenges and overcome them with modern technology. From the early years of my life onward, I’ve enjoyed interacting with technologies of all types and have always found it fulfilling to find ways to integrate various types of technologies into different aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. It is this very passion that fuels my drive to innovate and abstain from settling for the “bare minimum” in life. I was overjoyed to learn that Alico was offering an opportunity that aligned with my life goals, allowed me to work with technology, and grow in an industry that I am passionate about. From that moment, I knew I wanted to pursue a career at Alico, and I moved forward with the application process. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from Alico shortly thereafter and meet the friendly and caring people with whom I would be working with. I’m very grateful for this opportunity that Alico has provided for me, and I look forward to this incredible journey that lies ahead of me.